Pouchee Infant Spoon Set

By Baby HQ

The Pouchee Infant Spoon Set is ideal for infants, introducing solids or hassle free feeding on the go.

Set includes

  • 2 Spoons
  • 1 Small cleaning brush
  • 1 Travel Case

The spoon is specifically designed to suit infants as young as 4 months.

Simply squeeze the Pouchee to allow the puree to easily pass through onto the spoon.

Handy on the go feeding with minimal fuss or clean up. When you are done, simply unscrew the spoon and place it back into its handy travel case for cleaning when you get home.

This is great for home use too. Make food ahead of time and store the Pouchee in the fridge. This means minimal fuss when baby wakes up hungry and demands food straight away.

It comes in a convenient carrying container to easily pop into your nappy bag.

Included in the set is a small wash brush to keep spoons clean.

Its universal screw top fits the Pouchee as well as most other single-use baby food pouches.