Nuna Leaf Wind

By Baby HQ

This product is not compatible with the Nuna Leaf Grow

Nuna Leaf™. The soft, steady sway on the Nuna Leaf™ can now be a continuous one, thanks to the Nuna Leaf™ Wind. The Nuna Leaf™ wind attaches to your Nuna Leaf™ seat to create a continuous side to side sway motion, with 6 speed settings sure to soothe your little one straight on into newborn dreamland. Here's to swaying on...and on.

**This product is only available for shipping within New Zealand**

Smart design

  • no buzz or noise, perfect for drifting off into naptime
  • no batteries needed
  • included micro usb cord works with both wall plug (included) and battery backup charger (not included)
  • micro usb cord option allows for the LEAF wind to work wherever your battery backup charger (not included) can go


  • allows the Nuna LEAF* to sway continuously on its own
  • allows the Nuna LEAF curv* to sway continuously on its own
  • six speed settings to soothe baby
  • integrated one-touch sensor control panel is easy to use
  • attaches to the base of the LEAF series with just a click