Nestling Moses Basket and Stand Set

By Baby HQ

The Nestling Moses Basket will be sure to create a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby. It is light weight and has 2 sturdy PU vegan handles which make it super easy to carry around the house to be able to watch baby from anywhere! 

The Nestling Moses Basket is a beautiful natural earthy colour and are made from paper woven around a metal frame to make the basket super sturdy. These baskets are sure to look stunning in any nursery. For extra style and convenience pop the Nestling Moses Basket on the Moses Basket Folding Stand.

The Folding Stand is a perfect option to hold your Nestling Moses Basket.

The Nestling Moses Basket fits perfectly on this folding stand. It has vegan leather embossed straps that help secure the basket from slipping. 

This simple design is easy to put together. It is super light weight making it easy to carry around the house (or for travel) should you want your baby next to you wherever you are - simply fold and take with you. This design is also perfect for storing away when not in use. A great height for having beside your bed and even when you are in a seated position.



  • Stunning design
  • Safe & comfortable sleeping space
  • Sturdy handles
  • Use around the house
  • Light weight 
  • Easy to use 

For safety reasons, please do not carry basket around with your baby inside.