Babu Toddler Hair Brush


Luxuriously soft Goat’s wool bristle and untreated Beechwood toddler hairbrush.

We are so pleased to deliver to you and your family this premium 100% natural hairbrush to enjoy with your toddler.

Babies and toddlers love to have their scalp brushed. It is not only soothing and supportive to their well-being but assists in carefully exfoliating dry skin, promoting blood flow and helping to prevent cradle cap.  

The fine goats wool bristles are incredibly soft and provide a perfectly gentle yet effective hairbrush ideally suited to not only brushing hair but providing a nurturing massage.

Baby massage is widely appreciated for its positive benefits for the whole family, including aiding in emotional bonding, enhanced carer confidence, improved circulation and coordination for baby, and sleep for all.

Add this to your bath-time routine for positive stimulation and maximum relaxation.